x494.......Roman Emperor Says

1700 years ago, a Roman emperor (theodoscious) who considered himself to be God--to be the head of the Christian church, made a declaration-- that every citizen of Rome was now a Christian.

(Romans conquered people but they also conquered their gods--and they thought of Christianity and Jesus, as the god of that day whom they had conquered.)

This had many ramifications--but one of these which we still suffer from is this: Since everyone was now a Christian--there was no more need to covert the lost. The church of Rome was therefore set up from this presumption. Since everyone was now legally a Christian, there was no need ot operate the church in an apostolic way--there was no more need to pray in the Spirit--receive the word for God and act upon it in groups (the apostolic method).

Rather, the operational plan of the church became the holding of the "flock' under the authority of the tithe collecting priest. The concept of baptizing babies came into the church--the idea being that once a baby was baptized into the church they were now a Christian like everyone else.

The format of the once a week sabbath mass was based upon this presumption. It was the showcase for the ruling of leadership. It stressed worship, and teaching. After all--if everyone is a Christian--all that was needed was control of the people--governing, ruling--the opposite of the relase that Jesus had brought as a central part of His ministry. Jesus, came and relased people from the control of the old covenant Levitical priesthood (the priests, scribes and pharisees whom He "made an open show of")--giving a priesthood to all believers. He changed specifically the old covenant laws which God had given Israel to cleanse sin. The sacrificial offering of animals and grain (which was the tithe), as well as the sabbath restrictions.

For over 1,000 years after this, Europe operated from this same standpoint--everyone was considered a Christian by being born--babies were immediately baptized into the church--there was no choice to God necessary, no change of heart or will necessary--rather everyone was legally a Christian--and therefore the church format continued to be based upon this assumption. It was preached that it was God's will for most people to be peasants, and under the authority and rule of the church and the king.

This is where we get our laziness from--and the time from which we get out church format---that of worship and pastoral feeding--a message that is meant for already saved people. The sound of Gospel was not necessary to be heard--since everyone was saved.

The church format developed out of these ages--the same format by which we operate our churches.

Ask the question: Is everyone in your town saved? Is everyone a Christian?

We will get people saved-healed-delivered and fed--to the degree that we operate apostolically.