x61.......The Real Principalities and Powers

If we were to go back only 100 years ago, and walk into the most progressive Christian church and pray in tongues---we would be told to leave and we would be told that this is "not of God".

Even today, there are many many Christian denominations that hold to this same idea. Now, these Christian brothers and sisters have the same Bible that we have. They worship the same Jesus that we do. Most of them understand that we need to be born again in order to enter the kingdom of God--that we are saved by grace and not by works.

Yet, they are held under an authority that has said to them that they cannot receive and minister in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

If you were to study the history of the church you would find that these traditions and authorities came into existence during the medieval times. During these times the church was used by worldly powers and authorities as a vehicle to control and rule people. the control of the church was clearly by mans authority. There were kings and nobles and people in high places that used the vehicle of the church to control the common people. For example, people were taught that God did not want them to be prosperous--that it was "Godly" to be poor. Of course we know that this is untrue scripturally as Jesus Himself said that "above all things I wish you to prosper" and God prospers His servants in order to establish His covenant in the earth. They only said this to the peasants to keep all the money and land for themselves, it was greed and selfishness that fueled the philosophies of the church, not the word of God and a pure heart.

There were many other ideas that were held from the common people as the Word of God itself was held in the hands of just a few rulers who could read and interpret the Bible. It was during these times that so many traditions were established in churches. Unfortunately some of these traditions are still in existence today.

It is when church leaders use and control the word of God to deny the common people their gifts from God that we have a situation in which literally millions of Christians can be made ineffective for God. We must closely examine the traditions that are in our churches and discover where, when, and by whom they were established.

Question: Is the leader of your church the only person who can "offically" interpret the Bible? This is a powerful "dark ages" tradition--study history for yourself--Another question:--Why don't we ever study the history of the Christian church, in church?---(maybe it ain't so glorious!!)

The true principalities and powers that we are supposed to tear down and do battle with are in our churches. They are holding millions of our brothers and sisters in check and rendering them ineffective to spread the Gospel. The enemy has stolen the gifts of the spirit and the gifts of ministry from the churches and therfore left millions of Christians ineffective.

We have heard it said in "paranoid" circles that the psychic that moved in across from the church is a principality and a power. These types of attacks from the devil are really phony--even most people in the world know this! The real powers of darkness are the ones that hold millions of Christians in check and make them ineffective to preach the Gospel to every living creature.

If the Enemy can get to just a few leaders of a church--and establish a doctrine or a tradition--he can destroy generations of Christians to follow. As long as we are loyal to our church and not totally loyal to God and the word of God then we will continue along this path.

Now, even those of us who are members of a church in which the gifts of the Spirit are allowed are limited by the degree to which our church follows tradition. When we receive the Holy Spirit--we receive the very same Spirit that fell at the day of pentecost--correct? Yet are we obedient to what they did with this same Spirit? We see in he Bible that they immediately went out into the streets and prayed in tongues---told people about Jesus--and 3,000 should were baptized in a day! Do we do this? Or do we form the "church of the upper room"--and meet in strict obedience to the traditions of the Roman empire church?

Thank God that those believers did not stay in their church but went out swiftly and spread the Gospel around their world in a short period of time--or we would not be here today!

If the church was the functioning army it is called to be , a bar or a psychic would be a common occurrence to plunder, we would know our authority, and take the spoils on top of all that. The "spoils" are the lost who need Jesus--the sick who need His healing--the addicted and captive who need His deliverance. But we won't be able to be the true effective church, until we have the "setting at liberty" that Christ Himself gives us ALL...

"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, To preach the acceptable year of the Lord."
(Luke 4:18-19, KJV).