x475......Nice People--Bad System

What we are studying is the system which we have in all or most of our churches--a system that bases itself on the misunderstanding that


WE have the wrong concept in our churches which says that to be "in ministry" means, to some degree, exercising authority over others within the church. This misconception is expected when people come to church--it is built into our concepts of church operation. We hold a Sunday meeting and the tradition of it is really a representation of ministry authority over others--it is the misrepresentation that the Roman empire church began hundreds of years ago--which has become our definition of what "church" is.

So, are all our "ministers"--all our leaders--wicked?

Of course not--in fact they are usually the most zealous and hardest working people in the church. (this in itself is a wrong tradition--that the leader--the "pastor" is the person who does all the work--sort of like the president of the US--"the buck stops here"--definitely a wrong non-Biblical concept).

Many people, when they are first saved, have unlocked inside of themselves an incredible zealousness for the Lord--a powerful anointing--a powerful desire to serve God. In the Bible people were released directly into Godly service and could carry out their anointing and their ministry immediately--this is simply the truth. But in our day and age--people are saved miraculously in the same way that it happened in the Bible--however--there are huge "roadblocks" between themselves as "new Christians" and the release that they should have in their lives to immediately serve God in their anointing and gift.

Because of these "roadblocks" that the new Christian almost immediately finds out about--the majority of Christians accept a compromise of their gifts. They come to accept the concept that they need to "sit under authority" they need to follow after their spiritual leaders--to the degree that they themselves do not serve God--but rather their greatest contribution to the church and to God's kingdom in the earth is simply to support the "real ministers" --to be "under" their pastor--and perhaps take on a menial function in the church--like cleaning or ushering.

But what about those people who really do "break into" ministry? What about those people who actually do become pastors of churches, or evangelists (which are for some reason the only ministries we really "allow" in the church of our day and age--reason: 1--because "pastor" denotes the owner of the church building and the leader of a group of people--the most powerful position in the church--2. we "allow" evangelists largely because of Billy Graham's ministry--the man who stuck with his anointing and did not compromise it to become a pastor--as so many others do--thank God for Billy Graham!)

What about the people who actually "get a break" (notice how it stars to sound like show business?) and get into ministry--actually become pastors of a church. How do they do it? What do they have to do to get there? The simple answer is that they absolutely have to cowtow to the system. They have to be the most fervent believers in the church system. They have to be the most unquestioning to their leaders--they have to be the most servile to the leaders--they have to be the people who do the most favors to their leaders--they have to be the people who come into church first and leave last. They have to go through years of service to their leadership, and never ever suggest that they want any "promotion". There is a whole list of rules that they must follow--and they must do these things better than anyone else in the church. Of course they need to go to Bible school--but all these other requirements must come first--since there are loads of people who go to Bible school who end up sitting on the 14th row of church the rest of their lives.

So the end result is that the people who actually do become "pastors"--are always people who have "gone through the system" and "paid their dues". They are usually very good, fine, nice people--(although many of them have to put on happy face more often than they will admit)---But they will always be the people who totally buy into the system.

What really is happening is that they have a drive inside of themselves to serve God. God put that drive in them--God puts the gifts and the anointing inside of them--but they wrongly believe that it is God who wants them to "go through hell" in order to get to the point where they can freely serve God with he gifts that they have.

Let's think of another example. A young catholic boy hears God's call--to serve Him. He will most certainly play out this call from God, through the church system that he knows. He will need to make friends with priests in the church, and enter seminary school--and along with his education from the church--he will be required to make vows to be loyal to the church leadership. He most certainly will be reviewed and approved by the people who are "over" him--and certainly one of the things those leaders will look for in him is loyalty to the church and it's system. Now I know you will say that we don't have this same rigid system in our churches---but ask yourself--don't we still have the same mentality when we propogate the system of submission to "church authority"?

The fact is that we all play out the call of God according to our experiences---and rarely acording to the Bible!

So we end up with the people who are the most zealous to serve in positions of leadership--but they are also the people who totally buy into their churches system of advancement and promotion. To be a pastor, one must do some "serious submitting"---one needs to be the person who does lot's of work for the leadership that they are raised in---and so they are sure to be peoplewho will continue the system. So of course when they get into this position, they will continue it and propagate it--and make the people who are now "under" them go through the same system.

People who are "in ministry" are some of our very best Christians--but all of them are dead set sure that they are operating in the right system--a system which should be and must be continued. Most denominations have a hierarchy of rule--so that even when a person becomes a "pastor" of a church they are really themselves "under the authority" of their leadership. Somehow we feel safe in this position--and we have some type of false humility which is sometimes preached--the pastor will say something like "I'm under the authority of my leaders just like you are under my authority--it is God's system and His way of doing things"--Interesting to hear this taught--it all comes from our experience--from the long history of man's rule and authority in the church-- and NOT from the word of God!