x452A.....The apostlic plan for the church

How do we operate the church?

answer: The simple direct apostolic plan which Jesus brought into the earth.

What is this plan?--How does it work?

Christians gather together in the name of Jesus. Any amount --any place. (where 2 or 3 are gathered--there I AM in the midst)

They pray in the Spirit. Any man can speak--all have the right to prophecy--to speak what God is saying to them. (1Cor 14:26)

When God speaks through the prophetic utterance, the group acts upon what is said immediately. If The Lord says to send certain members out to a specific place and they are to witness the Gospel--it is done right away. If the Lord tells the group to go and feed the poor--or pray for the sick--or bring deliverance to those in need--go right away and do it. This is how apostleship works. Allow God to speak--allow Christ to truly be the Head--and go and act upon what He commands. Do this type of operation as often as possible---wherever the Lord leads--in your homes--in the streets--with any members present. There is no rule that all the church needs to be in one place on any given day--but the opportunity for this type of operation needs to be done as often as possible--hopefully daily.

You will get people saved. When someone is newly saved--the Lord will lead certain members to teach them--to answer their questions. Teaching should be direct to the persons needs and should answer their questions quickly. All the teaching is not in one man's hands--but the homes with the church are all "schools"--places where people can learn quickly, places where people can gather together and study the Bible freely. Newly saved people should be quickly begin Godly work , and allowed to pray and function right along with everyone else.

The apostolic plan grows the church quickly and efficiently. It meets the needs of the people quickly and efficiently. It adds to the church daily--it spreads the Gospel that our Lord gave us--the healing that our Lord gave us--the deliverance that our Lord gave us--and the freedom to serve Him--which he also gave to us--quickly and without hindrance.