x448......"Yes, But Only Jesus Can Make An Apostle"

This is one of the myths that we continue to function by in the church.

People read the Bible--and it is handed down to us by tradition--that only the people who actually "met" Jesus became "apostles" the highest calling of God. We may believe that some people are apostles today--usually we will reserve this "title" for the founders of our denomination or church. We certainly believe and function by the concept that only a precious few people are ever called to this high "office" of ministry.

Is it true that only the people who met Jesus were apostles? No. It is very clear that many people who worked with Paul in his ministry were refered to as "fellowsoldiers" as well as specifically "apostles" (those who are sent")--(ex: Epaphroditus is specifically called an apostle--yet the word is translated as "messenger": --he was not a saint in the Roman church)

But I believe that it is true in a sense that "only those who met Jesus" in the Bible became apostles. Think about what we are saying--that is like saying "only those who meet Jesus can be saved". This is a true Biblical statement--only those who meet Jesus, only those who accept Him as their Lord and Savior can be saved. The same goes for healing and deliverance--Jesus did all these things in the Bible--and He does them the same today (Jesus the same yesterday today and forever")--for all those who meet Him with faith.

18 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, (Luke 4:18, KJV).

Jesus clearly and simply outlines His ministry in this verse of the Bible. Everything that Jesus did in His ministry can be categorized into one of these 5 areas (the Gospel--healing--deliverance--feeding the poor--and making apostles). But these ministries that Jesus did, worked in immediacy---they worked in expediency--they worked at the moment when someone simply "met" Jesus.

Was it necessary for someone to "meet Jesus" in order to become an apostle?-Was it necessary for some to "meet Jesus" in order to be saved?--of course!! These things are meant to happen at the time when we meet Jesus. This is how it worked in the Bible--people met Jesus--they were saved--healed --delivered--and set free to serve God (apostello)--they were released.

One of the greatest unrecognized miracles which Jesus accomplished in a 3-year ministry, was to go to all parts of Israel (His ministry was specifically to Israel) and release all of Israel to serve God freely (or at least all those who listened to Him and believed).

The same goes for today. When people meet Jesus --the same Jesus--He works His ministry in them expediently--all at once--He saves--He heals --He delivers--and He releases--He makes an apostle.

But, whether we believe in Jesus" ministry or not in our church tradition--that is another question. Whether or not we believe in the free release to ministry that Jesus gave Biblically and continues to give today--to all who "meet" Him--to all who come to Him by faith (oh, but if we do not have the faith--then He cannot do the work!)--

Maybe we have not understood the fullness of His ministry--and continually limit it by our tradition and lack of understanding--and follow after the system of rulership rather than the anointing to release others to serve God in freedom. Maybe.