x446.......OT to NT Changes We Ignore

1. Ministry a gift given to everyone (Ephesians 4)

2. Authority--the power of ministry--NOT to be exercised one over another. (Luke 22:25-29--Matthew 20:25-29--Mark 10:42-45)

3. All made priests? Levitical priesthood done away with in the NT (2Cor 3--Hebrews 6-10---Rev 1)

4. "house of God" the home of every Christian--NOT a temple or sanctuary? The NT "Temple of the Holy Spirit" is people NOT a building.

5. "Collection for the Saints"--Giving lead by the Spirit--NOT law of tithing--to everyone's ministry need--NOT for leaders only.


Pastoral Authority Denies All These things

1. WE deny ministry in all the body of Christ when we believe the pastor "is" the minister of the church.

2. We disobey Jesus' command about authority when we say the pastor "has authority over" the church. (see Luke 22-25-29--Mat 20:25-27--Mark 10:42-47)

3. We operate by The OT priest "office" which denies the priesthood of every Christian

4. We limit God by saying only the pastors house is the "house of God. By exalting the house of one man we deny the NT right of every Christian to serve God in their own house--as well as operating the church by Roman rule, rather than the simple, efficient Bible plan of operating the church in many houses.

5. When we preach tithing, we disobey the NT laws of giving to "the poor which are among us"--and to "every man as is needed"--again, exalting one mans ministry and denying the right of all to have money to serve God.