x425......WHEN was the Bible translated?

One of the biggest problems which we have today is that the time in which the Bible was translated and published was a very different time than we live in. And perhpas more importantly, it was a very different time fromthe time when Jesus lived, and the church in the Bible operated.

We should always remember that the time in which the Bible was translated into most of our modern languages (including English), nations were ruled by "Christian kings". These kings were the absolute authority--they believed and taught that they had a God-given, Bible-based right to rule with authority over others within their nations. These kings claimed to have the God-given right be the ultimate authority and power over these nations--deciding when to send the country to war-- and if they decide that you wre their enemy--"God" would tell them to cut off your head! They very often tortured and killed their enemies in brutal ways. They made war at their own whim--they tortured and killed whomever they pleased--and whatever they did it was always said to be "the will of God"

The church of this day was very very political. It was very much in the control of these kings and the politicians of the time. These people were not elected officials as we have today--they were born into their nobility, held most of the wealth (at the expense of the majority of the people who were peasants) and were very concerned with position and power over the people they ruled.

A thousand years of the rule of the "universal church" had born countless generationsinto the hard concept of "church authority". The chruch and state were intermingled Everyone was baptized as a baby into church membership (and therefore "rule"). Everyone paid the tithe--part of the system which bankrupted the majority of people and made them live their life out as peasants (which was supposed to be God's will for the life of most). A peasant lived a short life, worked hard on land he did not own, paid rent to the lord of the manor, tax to the king, and "tithes and offerings" to the church. This left them with very little to live on--many starved--while the "clergy" was as well-fed as the nobility.

Most of our modern translations of the Bible are very respectful of the king James translation of the Bible. Whether we realize it or not, when we set up the traditional form of church operation, we are basing our churches small words translated in a dark age. The king James Bible is a very accurate translation of the Bible--however, it's title gives it away. It was translated "under the authority" of King James.--a "Christian king" who claimed to have the God-given biblical right to be the appointed authority to rule over England. He claimed to have absolute authority to be the monarch of his "subjects" and they were commanded by law to "submit to his authority" The King James bible was translated to establish in every way possible the right of the king to rule over others with authority. When we read in the Bible words like "rule" and "subject" and "submit" etc. we are reading the translators attempts to establish the "God-given" rule of the king.

The translators also kept to the Roman translators concept of titling certain people in the Bible by not translating their function. That is to say, they called some people "apostles"---while translating the word as "sent" in many other instances. They did the same thing to Jesus--calling Him the "Christ" (Greek "Christos")--which gives Him a title that we really don't understand--until we translate it into English (the annointed One---Messiah). This gives us the idea that Jesus set up a hierarchy---when He was releasing people--setting people "at liberty"---not to rule, but to serve---not to have authority over others, but to have authority over the devil. The result is that we cling to the Roman church system, and do not understand or strive toward the apostolic operational system that Jesus demonstrated, and the church in the Bible lived out.

We should always remember that this was what was happening in the day and age of our most common Bible translation.

We should also remember that our country was birthed in rebellion to Christian authority. The USA was begun by rebels--people who were in open rebellion to the authority of these "Christian kings". The people who moved to America were folks who read the Bible. They understood that God made people free. They got that idea from Jesus...

"If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed." (John 8:36, KJV).

We are simply asking the church to study it's own history.