x29....Gods System and the system we have (right now at least)

Gods system for building the church is really very simple . It would be a never -ending, unstoppable system to get the entire world saved. It could not be torn down if everyone was working in the system the way tthe Bible says it should. The devil would have no power over it if we did it the was the Bible says.

In reality, this is the system that is now functioning in the world to bring people into Gods kingdom. Individuals lead and witness the Gospel to other individuals in order to get them saved. this is the way it really works and the way it will always work to build the church. People have always used their ministry gifts in order to bring other people into the church.

There is only one problem. Multitudes come into the church, but only "some" get through to receive and function in their anointed ministry gift. The current system "narrows down" the number of people who function and use and fully develop into the ministers that the Lord made in every one of us. This is the reason why only about 20% of the world is saved--not enough ministers to carry the message!

We actually use the devils system in the church to a certain extent. In the world, the devil encourages and creates a system in which individuals are glorified and lifted up into "fame"--a place from which they can easily be torn down and corrupted. We see this happening in the church, as very anointed people of God become "famous" ministers and are lifted up into high places. The main problem with this is that it does not reproduce itself as the word of God would have it. These individuals are functioning in their gifts, yet at the same time we are limiting others from functioning in their gift. The body is not all it could be.

The way it should work according to the Bible would be for no one to be leading but the Holy Spirit. We would be indestructible this way. No one would ever be able to be corrupted or pulled down by the devil, and this system would grow exponentially and quickly and never be able to be stopped. In reality, this is the system that God has in place in the world right now. It has only been in recent times that most individuals are told and encouraged to witness the Gospel. We understand we all have the right to use and function in the gifts of the Holy Spirit--there are not only a few individuals who can use these gifts--they are clearly for anyone and everyone to have access to (although these gifts are still limited in many areas by doctrine). We certainly understand that anyone and everyone can have access to the "free gift" of salvation in Jesus Christ (if we study history we see that this gift was limited by the enemy thorough wrong doctrine in leadership of the past--if he can corrupt leaders he can get entire generations to be limited) Yet at the same time, we have almost entirely accepted the notion that only "some" can have the gifts of ministry. This notions is entirely wrong by Biblical doctrine and example.

In the Bible the highest obedience to God is for all people to work together for God---on a common level. Do we really encourage this in our churches today? Are we being encouraged to be a body--or to be individuals.? Being an "individual" is entirely the system of the world. The world and the New age teaches that we are "our own self" that we have to "look out for number one". this is totally un-godly and certainly not the way of functioning and working in the Bible example of the Christian church.

So to conclude we hope you will see clearly the fact that the system we are functioning under is truly not the highest call of God for the church. It clearly limits the move of God in the earth. it clearly limits the rights of Christians everywhere, and limits them from receiving the benefits and rights of using their gifts for the benefit of the entire body--(as we are told to do so many times in the Bible).

Gods move is powerful and mighty in the earth. The only limitation on His move is our own disobedience to His word. In our churches we often feel the limitations of God--and are often preached of this from the pulpit. We are told to "look within ourselves"--the idea being that it is our individual sin which stops the church from being glorious. But, what if it is the pulpit itself which is to blame?

We choose to cling to tradition, rather than have complete obedience to His word and the example we have in the Bible. The church in the Bible "had all things common"--this literally means that they all considered themselves to be like common, or unclean meat. The common ground that they stood on was the fact that they were all unclean--all sinners saved by grace. We all understand this commonness--yet do we use this as our operational basis--as they clearly did?

The fact that the church system limits all of us from functioning in the ministry, is the main in factor in limiting the move of God, and prevents us from having the power and authority we should be functioning under in the church. Ultimately it is the reason why we are not adding tot he church on a daily basis in our cities and towns. It is the reason why many more are not healed and delivered from all their problems.

We need to stop "going" to church --and start "being" the church!