x257...How to: Operate The Christian Church......

We haven't forsaken the assembly--we've forsaken the house!

1. House of God.

Every member of every church is a potential church of God--a potential house of God.

All should be released to their ministry to their anointing--to function with others--in their homes together--to eat together to plan together--to pray together--to do evangelism--to apostleship--to the prophetic operations--to pastoral (release others to ministry)--to teaching Christians and the new converts.

What if the church consisted of people in houses meeting together every day--as much as each possibly could--in order to function in God--to serve God--to minister together.

We would have the fullness of the anointing--we would have individual houses of praise--or worship--of teaching--of evangelism of apostleship--of the prophetic gift. Everything that was needed---for all people--Christians--new Christians and old--as well as the world--would be supplied from God in the earth.

"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." (Matthew 18:20, KJV).

(This is the operational plan of the new covenant church---NOT just a word of encouragment from Jesus!)

We would have everything that is needed to bring Gods kingdom into the earth.

We would have houses to feed the hungry--to visit the sick.

We would have everything to propagate the kingdom of God in the earth--people to do every concievable kind of ministry--every kind of service to God--in every way possible.

These things would be easily funded by the possessions that individuals already possess--the money would not be centrally controlled by any one person--we would give to our own ministry--and to the ministry of others. We would make sure that the poor within the church were fed and taken care of--since they are every bit as important as the leader!

No one would lack anything they needed in any way--in order to serve God--or also for their own needs of food and clothing--etc.

There would be constant 24 hour a day prayer--evangelism--teaching etc. People would be raised up quickly in God--they could go to the people who had the knowledge--the teaching that they need. When someone had a need of healing we could know the people who are anointed to heal--When someone needed a word from God they could easily go to those who move in the prophetic gift. And all could quickly and easily function in their anointing--with others who have a similar anointing--as a body--as a church together.

NO need of a controlling form of leadership--the control of the Holy Ghost would be apparent.

NO need for one person to bear all the burdens of teaching--counceling--evangelizing all others.

NO more boredom and static growth--exponential growth for those who can and are willing to function in their anointing quickly.

Function and purpose for young people--especially teens--who have the time and energy to minister actively for God.

Tremendous support for every ministry--no one has to "go it alone" for God--support in every way--spiritually--and financially for every anointing to function in fullness, and to completion.

No room for laziness or repetition--truly walking by faith--since active service to God is the requirement in this church.

Gods' rule would be allowed to return to the church.

No need for tithing to leaders who build buildings and pay utility bills with money that should be spent feeding the poor and supplying to the ministry of allthe people--- who are functioning in God.

Sanctification becomes easier--as there is tremendous room to serve God for all.

Quick impartation of spiritual knowledge and gifts to others as each house has it's own anointing for Gods use and purpose.

Quick division and growth results.

Occasional assemblies required--!