x152....Church attendance--the prerequisite to ministry

1,000 years ago "the church" that was in the earth had the concept that in order to be saved, regular church attendance was thought to be a requirement for salvation. The outward approval of man was deemed greater that the gift of God through the blood of Jesus Christ.

But today, we still cling to this type of belief. Now in most or all churches of today, we have received the word of God which tells us that we are saved by the work of Jesus at the cross and not by our works--or certainly by our church attendance. This is preached from "the pulpit" many times--and yet--we still cling to the concept of church attendance being a prerequisite to one thing--ministry.

We still to this day believe that in order for someone to "get into ministry" for someone to really serve God--they have to attend church faithfully for many years in order to be "promoted" to this position.

This totally goes against the Bible which clearly tells us that ministry is a gift--a grace from God--not a title of position which is earned by the approval of man. And yet we clearly have this idea--that we must be approved by man--by the "proper authorities' within the church in order to be "approved" to serve God.

I have head it said this way on many occasions--"God is our Father--and like a father He wants to see if you can handle a small thing first before He gives you a big thing"

Our churches are filled with many many Christians, who genuinely know that they have ministry--that genuinely have the desire to serve God--yet going about it in the way that man's tradition has dictated---attending church didactically---perhaps even forsaking their own families needs--perhaps even breaking up marriages--because they believe that if they could just "serve the pastor" if they could just attend church "better" than anybody else--they will finally "get promoted" into ministry.

This leads to problems within the church and to problems within families and relationships in and outside of church. It can destroy people's lives--and certainly leads most people to believe that they could never "hit the mark" of being "good enough of a Christian" to actually "be in ministry".

This concept totally comes from the time when man's authority ran the church. We have come free of the concept of salvation being bought by our church attendance--but have we recognized ministry as a gift--as a grace ("unto every one of us has grace been given--according to the gift of Christ"--Ephesians 4) rather than something that is earned by "seniority" or by the approval of man?

It is all purely the devil's strongholds in the church which limits all Christians from serving God fully in their anointing and gift. It is clearly the remnant of the dark ages church which we still carry with us to this day in our "requirements" for ministry.