X0625..............Can King James Be Wrong?


There are many Christian churches which are didactic about the authenticity of the King James Bible. They will search out and find mistakes in other Bible translations--and then say "see--these are wrong" only the Kink James Bible is authentic--the one true translation of the Bible--we don't need any other."

What they miss is the fact that the King James Bible has mistakes in it too.

For one example: In 1Timothy 3:1-15 the word "office" is contained in the King James translation--and it simply is not to be found in the original Greek text.

Why did king James translators do this?

Because in their day and age, the church was very different than it is today. the church in King James day had just recently come out from under the Papal authority of the catholic church. All of Europe had been catholic for almost 1,000 years--including England. But what happened in church government, at the time of the reformation, was --NOT MUCH! The structure of the catholic church was--

a priest at the local level--a bishop in authority over a group of churches in a region--and the pope in authority over all.

the governmental structure of the church in England after the reformation was--

a pastor over the local church--bishops in authority over a group of churches in a region---and the king in authority over all.

King James was a ruler--who "had authority" (God given!)--"over" his "subjects"--who had to "submit" to his "rule". The king and the bishops and pastors "sat in an office" that God had "ordained". The king james translators did a great job of translating the Bible--but their experience and accepted government was very very authoritarian. If you were going to translate a Bible for king James--you needed to work these words--these ideas into the translation wherever possible. there are not very many places you can do this--but wherever possible they did. The King James Bible therefore os a very authoritarian translation of the Bible, and the church today is still hindered by these few (but powerful!) wrong translations.

When they added in he word "office" they were doing something that fit there experience (which they believed wholeheartedly was right and true and "from God"). The "office of the bishop" was referring to a governmental rule. The bishops under King James had immense authority and power over people--mostly in the realm of money and collecting taxes.

Now we dont' follow these ideas at all today--but when a church believes wholeheartedly that the King james Bible is the only, right and true translation of the Bible--they are (knowingly or unknowingly) inviting human authority and rule into the church.



This is the argument of many believers. they believe that God must have on correct and true Bible--in English. This presumes too much--and shows ignorance of history. the history of the word of God--is that Satan has tried at every turn to hinder the common people from reading and understanding it.

If you lived 1,000 years ago, Christianity was very prominent and powerful in Europe. But the word of God was very hidden from the common people. It was not allowed to be translated into common languages--and when it was read in church it was very controlled and in Latin--(a language which most did not understand!). there was a great struggle for the word of God to be translated into common languages--in act it was not until the invention of the printing press that the Bible could no longer be suppress. By the way the Bible was suppressed BY THE CHURCH! (or at least the organization which called itself the church)

Satan has fought desperately for the Bible to be misunderstood and limited--and the struggle still goes on!

To believe that there must be a perfect translation of the word of God is naive and underestimates the Enemy. But it seems that so many Christian want to believe that there are "perfect" churches and "perfect" Bibles---already in place in the earth.

Well, they are actually right--they are just not identifying the correct Bible and church.

the correct bible translation is the original Greek and Hebrew.

the perfect church is the one that the Bible describes.

The plain fact is that the English language did not exist in the time when he Bible was written. The original writers (which eh Bible says were moved by God to write the words of the Bible) wrote in Hebrew and Greek. these texts are absolutely correct and accurate.

So what about Bible translation?

What if we could agree on this:


But, like any good work of man--it is flawed. yes, there are mistakes in every Bible translation--simply because it is a translation--and not the original (yes, even the King James!). Language is a changing thing. The experience of the translators is also imperfect,

We believe firmly that no one has ever set out to write a purposefully incorrect Bible translation.

The King James Bible is one of the most accurate translations of all in fact!

But still imperfect--and imperfect specifically in the areas of authority and ministry and church operation.

When churches are didactic about the King James bible, they are following wrong ideas, and sticking with authoritarian church government, that the Bible does not endorse.

So what can we do?

This is one area the church needs to come out of the "dark ages" about.

the fact is that anyone can now have access to the original Greek and hebrew texts, very easily, with a computer. Today there is Bible software that gives quick access tot he original texts and Greek and Hebrew translations.

all the controversy and argument could be settled by a simple click on a computer!

We believe that the Bible on computer is comparable with the invention of the printing press. It is a great way for everyone to have greater access to the Bible.

The enemy is hiding in perfection. What does that mean? It means that what we believe to be perfect,, the bible,, the church,,, is just what he needs to go on deceiving us.
If we believe something is all set,,, ready made,,,we will never fix it. Never look into it and find out what God is really saying, and not what the enemy has conveniently planted to look like God. The enemy is hiding in perfection.
He has worked hard to cloak and mistranslated the word of God,so that we swallow it even more wholeheartedly...believing that there can be no mistakes.
If we believe this, we will never look further. So we swallow what Henry wanted to put in there, about rule, instead of the freedom and unity that God knew would empower His church.
There are mistakes in the word of God, but we would hardly imagine it to be so. The enemy is so clever he knows to attach himself to all that is righteous and good, and warp it just a little.
Then he can reap the results of our ignorance, and not having a full understanding of Gods word,. There is a war going on, we need to know that its between God and satan. He is battling us having a full understanding of how the church should operate. Check other studies on rule and authority, and Henry the eighth on the web site for more details on how the word of God is mistranslated.
We always believe God would not give us anything that is imperfect; but He is not giving it all yet, the enemy has gained some ground for centuries in the word of God, and in the church and we are exposing him.