X0623........Why wasn't Jesus born a Levite?

After all,
Hebrews 5 says... and verily they that are the sons of levi, who receive the office of the priesthood, have a commandment to take tithes of the people according to the law, of their bretheren, though they come out of the loins of Abraham...
We know that Jesus came through the line of David, and Judah, why didn't He come through the line of Aaron, and become a levite.. those who had the right to minister in the temple? Wasn't this the highest honor, the greatest place of rule and authority?
Didn't Jesus receive the office of the priesthood? Isn't He the great Pastor?
Why didn't Jesus ask for and receive a tithe?
We find the answers to these thought provoking questions in Hebrews 5:5
So also Christ did not glorify Himself to become High Priest, but...
So if Christ became a Levite, the highest priest among them, which, He could have, it would have glorified Himself,as a ruler, and not glorified God the Father, and service to His will.
He would have become as a glorified man, ruling, and taking charge over all.
So Jesus had something else in mind.
Lets continue with Hebrews 5

You are my Son, Today I have begotten you as He also says in another,
You are a priest forever, according to the order of Melchizedek
Now melchizedeck had an endless life, no beginning, no end, and this was the order that Jesus was to be born into, after the order of him who had an endless life. With the purpose of being a priest forever, and endless priest, not a priest of the Levites who had a beginning and an end.
Their order was to end, because the old covenant was to end when Jesus came.
So now a new priesthood was to come that was never to end.
Levites were not to be priests forever.

During the time of the old covenant, there existed the priests, the Levites, and the congregation.. That word congregation is only
used in the old testament, and is usually refers to the non ministry tribes of Israel, the non levites,, the other 11 tribes.
It talks about the priests doings and the congregations separately. It literally means a group of people.
The point is Jesus was born into the congregation, not the levites.
Hebrews 2"17
Therefore in all things, He HAD to be made like His bretheren., that he might be a merciful high priest.
If he was born a levite he wouldn't be able to relate would he? He would be a priest over us, not understanding us. Not with compassion. He always has something better in mind.
A big reason they did not recognize Jesus is that He wasn't born into the religious nobility of the day. After all wouldn't the messiah at least start there? NO....He was going to end that system,, not start his own ministry there. The religious nobility of the day had no part of Him. He was putting himself lower than mans highest position on earth. To prove how differently His kingdom really is, to be lowly and serve is the greatest. Maybe the most important person in the church is not the leader, the priest, the nobility, but the one who needs the most, and the one who serves that person.
So who has ministry?? Ask the homeless person in the church,, they will tell you.

Changing the Priesthood Hebrews7;12
He was unrecognizable in this lowly state, to the mind of man. To the mind of the flesh that is accustomed to human glory and fame, they could not understand this Jesus. He looked different than the world and did not find favor with it. We are in the same boat, We look different.
Jesus would not be able to minister in leadership positions today in church,, He's not the appointed, delegated, authority who has the right to do ministry in the temple!!
We are still practicing the Levitical system in the church, and Jesus wouldn't be a part of that. Wrong Tribe.

This is the example Jesus left us of service.
He was demonstrating the operation of the church the new covenant ways!
His coming brought a change in the way we should be doing things,, not keeping the same structure of the old covenant!!

Jesus did not walk in the office of ministry
Heb 5:5
He did not glorify himself,,,as the pharisees and levites were glorified in their flesh...because they ruled over others and were subject to their sinful nature,,,it was a faulty system....
there is a better one now that Jesus died,,,
one where our sinful nature cannot rule over others...one of equality and ministry and priesthood for all...


Mark 12:35
Then Jesus answered and said while He taught in the temple,, How is it that the scribes say that the Christ is the Son of David?

The common people understood who Jesus was, that He was from the lineage of David,,, they were the only ones who understood.
The pharisees and the nobility of the day could not see it, they missed it, but the common people knew. And they were glad. they recognized messiah earlier,, having not been fooled into thinking they were somebody great over others,,, this allowed them to see things spiritually,, and not be blinded by the spirit that is in the church that glorifies a few. the pharisees were blind spiritually.