X0606..........So...Who gets the glory?

Who should get all the glory for the ministry? And all the things that God does through his people?
Well in todays present format, what usually happens is that the pastors and the leaders seem to get all the glory.
We say that God does, and yet the applause, the favorite parking space, the honors always seem to go to just a few?
Why is this?
Well ,, its because when we see this, we are seeing the corrupt church.

The truth is that no one person is supposed to get all the glory for what God does.
If each person was allowed to do their part, in equality with no authority over them but Gods, then the presence of that unholy glory of man would not be allowed in.

Let me explain, the body is intended to work together as a whole. Scripture here
Eph 4:6 God and father of all, who is above all, and THROUGH ALL, AND IN ALL.
Are we really hearing this? I dont think so, we only allow Him to work through a few every sunday for a few hours. This is not His very best. I am sorry. It may seem grand , but its not enough in His eyes.

Let's test the spirit that is in the church today. We can understand it best by the fruit it bears.
When we say that only a few serve God, and begin to put them up on a pedestal, it brings in much grief to the body.
Christians believe that they are nobody, have no ministry, and are no good to God. they base this on what tney see every week and form an opion of themselves based on inferioriy. So we have the spirit of inferioriy in the body,based on someone limiting miinistry over them, and not releasing theri miinsry.
It brings jealousy and competion in the body... christians ask whos better? Who has this great job? Oftern you see discord and feel the tensions arising.
Next it often brings a spirit of self promotion and pride to the few who feel elite and priveleged of God.
When the truth has always been that the whole body is eltite and has the privelge of serving God.
So the friut is corrupt . The spirit is corrupt. The system we are operating under is corrupt.

Lets see what would happen if the whole body knew and was employed in their ministry, and was allowed to function as it should with no authority of man.

Eph 3:20 Unto HIM be the GLORY in the CHURCH

who should get the glory in the church?.. none other than Christ Himself. !!
Not one person!!
This is the only way to the church would be pure of those spirits that have been brought in and hindered us for so long now.
When the entire body works together,, no one takes all the credit for anything, there is now a spirit of love, unity, and joy over the people that are being saved. this is the holy place, this is the highest will of God, and the place the enemy is terrified of us reaching and understanding.
the fruit this system bears is quite different from the previous. THIS IS HOW WE TEST IT. Now we have Gods fruit, ease, peace, no pride, no jealousy, no inferiorty, or superiority, rather, harmony.