X04.18.......Talk About Baptism


You don't baptize babies in your church----right??

Well, why not?

We all know that many Christian churches believe strongly in baptizing or "christening" babies when they are very young. these large churches have been doing this for centuries----but you don't baptize babies in your church---why not?

Folks who believe in baptizing babies would tell you that it is in the Bible--"baptism" is in the Bible-----it is a very important "initiation" a beginning of a Christians life. They believe that it is very important for someone to be baptized---they may even say to you that you" obviously don't take baptism seriously"

But your answer might be that instead---your church takes baptism very seriously---so much so that your church has studied the Bible about baptism---and wants to follow the word of God in this matter.

Your church does not baptize babies because your church--at some point in it's history--decided to read the Bible---and realized that in the Bible baptism was indeed the 'initiation" of a christian life---Biblically, baptism was the "immersion' of someone into christianity --------baptism, according to the Bible, is all about repentance---turning away from sin--away from the world--to follow God. Biblically, baptism is part of the commitment of a new believer to follow God--to be washed of the things of the world--to repent--to turn away from sin. These are all things that someone must freely and openly choose to do. Babies do not choose to be baptized--they have it forced upon them by their parents---right? Babies do not remember what happened to them when they are baptized--they do not need to (and in fact cannot!) repent from sin.

Biblically, if we just let the word of God be true, baptism is for adults---or at least for those old enough to understand sin and understand the need for repentance---and have freely chosen to do these things.


You see, your church does not baptize babies, because you read the Bible---and have, at some point, rejected to tradition of these older church denominations---realizing that the Bible is correct--that the new covenant is correct--that the actions and example of the Bible are correct and important to follow after.

furthermore--(and this is the important point that you might not realize!)---since your church does not baptize babies, your church is saying that in the past--the decisions of the church may have been wrong---may have been incorrect.

think about it. It is clear from reading the Bible that the church (in the Bible) did not baptize babies. this makes it clear also, that at some point after the times of the Bible--the organized church decided to start doing this---somewhere in history, people decided that it was important to baptize babies (if you want to know when and where and whom--study history for yourself--it was part of the Roman reorganization of the church which happened about 1700 years ago).

So, by not baptizing babies, your church is saying that it is possible that in the past, christian "authority" could have made mistakes. (from a catholic's point of view, your church is in disobedience to authority simply by not being catholic and going along with all t he rules that it's authority has decided upon).

Your church realized that Christians in the past made a mistake about baptizing babies--made a wrong tradition. Your church read the Bible---and corrected this mistake.

This disagrees with what millions of catholics believe and live out. They are living out the decisions that were made for them--not by the Bible--but by church authority of the past.

BIG QUESTION FOR YOU: is it then possible that christians who lived hundreds of years ago could still be an influence on you and the functioning of your church?

think about it. Millions of catholic folks are following the tradition of baptizing babies--because someone who lived in the dark ages decided it was right. They have the Bible---but are apparently blind to what is right. They don't see the Bible--because it contradicts their experience and the trust they have in their "church authority".

Let's ask the big question again.....

BIG QUESTION FOR YOU: is it then possible that christians who lived hundreds of years ago could still be an influence on you and the functioning of your church?


there is only one way to know---READ THE BIBLE FOR YOURSELF.

Study church history.

this web site only focuses on 3 Biblical areas---ministry, authority, and church operation---perhaps there are other areas where tradition has robbed us and made us disobedient to the word of God.

You already believe that church authority of the past is wrong--(since you don't baptize babies)

Maybe they were wrong about other things too---beside baptism.