X04.07.......Pastors--biblical points to understand...

1. The word "pastors" (plural!) is mentioned only once in the new covenant bible

2. The Greek word translated as "pastors" ( elswhere translated as "shepherd") is only mentioned about a dozen times. Some of those "shepherds" refer to actual, shepherds of sheep--such as the shepherds that were present at Jesus' birth. Most of the scirptural references about "shepherd/pastor" are found in John chapters 9-10. Thorough study of these chapters reveals that the pastoral annionting is meant to be the leadership of others to release---and certainly NOT holding of others "under authority".

Pastoral ministry, biblcally, is the leading of others--TOWARD RELEASE! The job of a pastor is to release others to their gifts and specifically NOT to hold others under authority.

3. All the references to "sheperd/pastor" refer to Jesus. He is said to be the"only true Shepherd".


4. A major conclusion that ought to be understood is that, Biblically, human leadership within the church is meant to be at a minimum. In 1corinthians 12, when the gifts of ministry are named out in order of importance, apostles are named as the first (primary) gift. Prophets are named out second--teachers are named third. The focus of the chruch is meant to be toward apostleship--toward carrying the Gospel out to the world. Note that "pastors and "evangelists" are not mentioned in this list. this makes perfect sense Biblcally--when we see how rarely these gifts are mentioied in the Bible text.

Human leadership was at a minimum within the church of the Bible, because of the fact that the prophetic gifts were in full operation. Christ truly was the Head of the church--since God was given the opportunity to speak through whomever He chose (as the rules of church operation clearly state!!--1Cor 14:26--etc). The apostolic operation of the church made all the people ready to immediately carry out Christ's commands. The people in the bible did not seek human leadership, since they knew that their leader/pastor (JESUS!) was truly alive and could speak to them anywhere, anytime--through the utterance of the Holy Spirit,and the prophetic gifts which the new covenant says are in ALL of His "sons and daughters".