1. Is it in the Bible?



2. What do we believe it means?

"Shepherds crook" is a description of the "pastors' authority". It is a description of the power the pastor has been given by God to guide the people who are under him, back to God when they have gone astray.


3. What does it really mean?

Once again, the big mistake tradition hands us is that all the ministry is in one man's hands. It is a Godly ministry to help and guide other believers when they have wandered away from God. but the Bible does not give one person the sole right to carry on this ministry. the function of helping fellow believers who have wandered from god is a part of the Biblical pastoral anointing, but--this gift, like all the ministry gifts is meant to be ordained by god--and in whomever He chooses.

when we believe that only one person is the pastor--we do not have enough true pastoral ministry. And once again, our wrong concept of ministry hinders people from serving God.