1. Is it in the Bible?


2. What do we believe it means?

A good christian remains faithful to the church the Lord has lead them to. they contribute regularly tot he church, and are faithful in their church attendance.

3. What does it really mean?

The area of scripture that this idea is based on is found in Luke 16 as well as Matthew 25. This is a parable (here we go again--taking a parable out of the context that jesus set it in and putting it into our wrong context!) about a master and a steward. But if we read the explanation that Jesus is giving, He is speaking about the stewardship of teh Gospel which we all have to accomplish--certainly not the stewardship of going got church on Sundays, or contributing money to a church building!


All the concepts tradition has handed us are wrong because tradition has given us an incorrect church structure.

1. "faithful to church"--Look at Paul in the Bible. He worked with many different "fellow soldiers". People in the bible were groups together as god lead, not by some "permanent commitment". In the bible they truly understood that all believers were the church.

2. "contribute to church"--the Bible church did no have the old covenant building plan that we operate by. they did not build a building--they met in their homes in a kind of a network. Jesus had told them..

"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." (Matthew 18:20)


They did not contribute to a church building and make "offerings' or pay "tithe". They did take up collections for the poor--as the Spirit lead them.

3. the church in the Bible did not have a rule which said "all must attend" on Sunday. They met daily in small groups--in many places at once--to carry out the ministries and needs that God asked of them. This was a very easy and effective way of meeting.


The fact is that we are rather poor stewards of the example of Jesus.