1. Is it in the Bible?



2. What do we believe it means?

Every believer must be planted in a local church assembly, which means one must attend Sunday service, pay tithes and offerings, and submit to the authority of the local church leaders.

3. What does it really mean?

This is another of the "buzzwords" used in the church which does not have some Biblical truth, but is wrong because we set it into our wrong traditions. The new testament Bible does tell us,as believers, to work with other believers--to cooperate with one another, and gather together in unity. We should be "planted" together--we just have the rules wrong!

The problem we have is that tradition (which originated in the Dark Ages) has redefined the goals of the church, the format and structure of the meetings and the definition of "ministry".

We should be "planted' with other believers--but we should be operating in small groups--all function in ministry (serving God) and have the Goal of spreading the Gospel.