1. Is it in the Bible?



2. What do we believe it means?

God has placed some believers over others. All believers need to be under the correct authority.



3. What does it really mean?

The way these buzzwords work is by presuming the authoritarian format and structure of the church is correct. The format of church puts one person in a position of authority over others. Most churches have one person who is in the pulpit, most churches operate a repetitive teaching in which one one person is allowed to speak. All others must submit and listen and freedom of discussion is not even allowed.
This one person usually decides what will go on in the preordained format. They also make decisions as to who will do what within this structure .
Most christians live out this ritual over and over again and to some degree it benefits them.
They are taught it gives them encouragement to worship God. And this one person, seems to them be over them in the Lord. they feel as if they are under their authority. And it seems as if God would like us to operate together by one person excersizing authority over the others. Luke 22
It is clear that Jesus said this is not the way to operate the church. He did not operate the church this way. There is no example of this left to us by Him. buy when we see something , operate in something, give money to something, over and over again, it doesn't take much bible to verify it to us and make us believe that it is true.

Let's look at one example...


1Th 5:12 And we beseech you, brethren, to know them which labour among you, and are over you in the Lord, and admonish you;

this one verse, taken out of context, and fit intot he context that most Crhistian have as familiar experience, does much damage. Let's first notiwec what this verse does not say. It does not mention the "pastor". Why shouldn't this verse read--"follow the rule of the pastor"? Well, the fact is that the word "pastor" is no where in sight. Our expereice readily reads our ideas into the Bible!

Next we need to ntice that this verse says "them"--plural--not one person who is a ruler or over others. If we would only read the contxt of this verse we would understand that the real message should be advice to the Christians at Thessalonica, to listne to the believers who had first brought them the gospel, and not be taken away with other teachings (certainly good advice--the church today ought to take it and listen to the advice of the first Christians as the new covenant Bible records!!).

the KJV hands us wrong translations some times. Yes it is a very accurate transaltion of the bible--but it does have it's experiential errors--like all Bible translations. What the phrase "them that are over you in the Lord" should read is to listen to other believers when the Lord is speaking through them. Again--very good advice!! the "rule"--the One who is "over" ovthers, is not people, but the Lord.