1. Is it in the Bible?
Yes. There are many old testament references, and only one in the new testament.....

2Ti 3:17 That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.

(it is interesting to note that the old covenant term for "man of God" refers to males, while the new covenant Greek is a word which means male or female.)

2. What do we believe it means?

This is a reference to the pastor and his rule.


3. What does it really mean?

Once again we take a phrase from the new testament and define is using the old testament and church tradition. Moses the great leader of Israel was referred to as "the man of God". It was a title bestowed upon him and speaks of leadership and ministry and a close personal relationship with God, which, in the times of the old testament was a rarity.

Yes, the same phrase is used once in the new testament--but read it in the context of the new testament! the phrase "man of God" in the new testament clearly refers to all believers--not a specific leader or ministry "title". which makes perfect sense since in the new covenant all believers can have access to God in a personal way and all believers have a ministry to fulfill.