1. Is it in the Bible?


2. What do we believe it means?

If you contribute money to a ministry, you have a covenant with them, you are a partner in their ministry, and god will bless and prosper you for doing this.

3. What does it really mean?

Once again, like "muzzle the ox" it is a correct Biblical idea to contribute to the ministry other Christians do. but, Biblically it is not a "covenant or any kind of permanent agreement to continually give to one particular ministry. In the bible, all had ministry---"ministry" was what the church did together. In this system of apostleship, the ministry was ordained by God in different people at different times. this was the biblical way "partners" worked. the term "partner" (although not specifically found in the Bible text??))) is very much a Biblical concept. a "partner" is an equal member, and this is the way the church worked--as partners--members that had equal rights and equal functions in serving God.

Question: when a ministry asks you to contribute to them and then calls you a "partner" in that ministry--are you really a partner?

Do you have any say in what that ministry does?

Do you truly participate in that ministry?

And--will they ever contribute to your ministry?