1. Is it in the Bible?



2. What do we believe it means?

After someone accepts Christ as Lord and Savior, they should find a good Bible-preaching church and become a member.


3. What does it really mean?

this idea is often stated by evangelists and in evangelistic material. it sounds like a good, open-minded concept (since it doesn't specify a particular church or denomination and seems to respect the leading of God in the individual).

As "open-minded" as this seems, it is Biblically incorrect.

"Church" is not a place you go--it who we ARE as believers.

The Bible makes it plain that whenever and wherever someone accepts Christ, they ARE the church. We are al the church all the time, wherever we are.

The church (all of us) is supposed to be lead and organized by God. Our job as believers is to put ourselves with other believers and work as god directs in the gifts He has given to further the Gospel. It is not a fixed group and is not a preordained human plan or authority. We should should be able to work with Christian believers everywhere. But, we do not do this at all, since we believe the church to be a type of human government.

"find a good Bible-preaching church" seems like open minded advice, but in fact it is the evangelist, kowtowing to the pastor. It reenforces the wrong concepts of authority in the church and separates Christians from one another.