This video presentation explains the intent and purposes of this website and challenges the Church to focus on the Gospel.

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 We want people to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and we know you do too. We want to see people saved, healed, delivered and set free in Jesus holy name. The fastest and most direct way for this to happen, is for ALL the church to serve God. This website is meant to wake up Christians. People are dieing for what we ALL have--the Gospel of Jesus Christ--the free gift of salvation, healing, deliverance and RELEASE. We are here to simply encourage EVERY Christian to actively and directly serve God and minister in His purposes. We simply ask you to study the word of God in 3 areas, they are: ministry, authority, and the operation of the church from the Bible. We need to study the history of Christianity and find the truth about where the "church" and "ministry" and "authority" have been re-defined for us. Have you ever met with other believers and simply asked God what He wants done? Have you ever wondered why Christians don't often get together and witness the Gospel? There is a glorious church described in the Bible. There is a system of operation and function in the pages of scriptures, which moves in the miraculous and at the same time makes absolute perfect common sense! There is a glorious church in the Bible, and there is a glorious church in ALL OF US--TODAY. 

We pray that glory will be revealed to you.


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This website contains hundreds of Bible studies. At this page you will find a list with descriptions of all of them. These same studies are broken down into the categories below......

 i This new web page gives shorter Bible studies with videos and visual teaching on ministry, authority, church history, tithe, new covenant church here to go to the vision of the kingdom page....


Have you ever studied ministry--purely--from the Bible? Did you know that every one of us is meant to minister and serve the Lord?



"Authority" is the "power to rule over". Jesus was given authority from the Father. He gave the same authority to ALL believers. BUT--do you know what Jesus said NOT to do with our "authority"?



Have you ever sat in church on a Sunday morning, and wondered why we don't do things the same way as they did in the Bible? The Bible describes a church operational plan that makes absolute sense. Let's study it together.



Do you still pay tithe? Why? Probably because you never really studied it from the Bible!


Here is a short video that explains the major points about tithe from the Bible.....What was tithe Biblically?....What was the purpose of tithe?.......Who Had the Biblical right to receive tithe?........and Malachi chapter 3?.....that is a prophecy about Jesus....and the new testament tithe, which is Gospel witnessing.

video teachings Here are videos that explain some of the aspects that this website teaches. Below is a video that explains the concept of ministry as a gift. Ministry is something that most Christians believe they know about--but how far we are from what the Bible describes when it comes to ministry!

LAST GREAT AWAKENING.ORG.....This website has many wonderful video teachings that explain the true functioning of the Christian Church.

Apostleship Study.......An ongoing study on apostleship.

The history of the Christian church is something we encourage every believer to study. Whether we realize it or not, our history HAS shaped us--and what we don't know, CAN hurt us!

MORE CHURCH HISTORY.........This area of our website is meant to encourage every believer to study the history of the church. How have Medieval history--the feudal system--the fall of Rome--the protestant reformation-- affected your church?


We look at this every week from the pulpit--it MUST be in the Bible--right? Guess what, it's NOT!

 HOW NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH BECOMES AN OLD TESTAMENT RITUAL.........There is a progression that happens among believers in groups that leads them from a New Covenant function toward a traditional Old Covenant ritual. We may start out in "home church" and quickly become new testament believers following a lot of old testament by clicking here...


Circles of Faith......God gets people saved through apostleship--He sends small groups of people to sow the Word until the harvest of salvation comes. But is your church connected with this way of working together? Jesus worked through apostleship, and so did the Church in the's so simple to get together and let God lead you in witnessing, we just need to do it!

Ministry, What It Is--What It Is Not, According To The Bible...........This is a booklet that studies ministry from the Bible. Biblically, ministry is service, and NOT authority over others. Yet the church has very strong tradition which contradicts Jesus' defintion and example. This booklet studies history and points to where our wrong ideas and practices have come here to download

b.a.s.i.C....................This free booklet is a very easy to understand explanation of what the Church could look like if we followed the rules of operation found in the new testament. It's a simple thing, an easy thing, to BE the Church. Meet together as equals, all can minister, do your best to NOT exercise authority one over another, make the Gospel your purpose--and money--don't worry about it! here to download

BUZZWORDS.........Take a look at this list of "buzzwords". You may have heard of some of them. They are words and phrases, some of which are in the Bible, and some which are not. But these little words reenforce the wrong system of human authority in the church--they keep people "in line"--"in order". Little words like "submit"--"obey the rule"--perhaps some of them have been used on you! This study debunks them and exposes the true church in the process.


i This is an introduction--a thorough overview of the "vision of revival"--the "vision of the church" that the Bible describes. This study serves as an overview of the teaching on this website so we suggest that you read this first. Please feel free to copy it, print it and give it away to others!--click here to download this booklet in.pdf format---

***********NEW********FREE SOUND FILES OF SOME OF THE TEACHINGS ON THIS WEBSITE********click here to go to the podcast page

How To Be The Church.........This free book describes the operational principles of the church in the Bible. There are many many commands and examples in the new testament, which the church has seen fit to ignore. Open your Bible and follow verse-by-verse and uncover what the "church" is truly meant to look in.pdf format by clicking here

 A Blank Slate For God To Write Upon......This is a very brief summary with the simplest concept of what Christian meeting ought to be like. Simple: we should just get together, without an preordained ideas, and ask God what He wants done!

Giving Freely.......100% of the giving in the Church in the Bible was to the Gospel. 

Finding the Needs Is Finding God's Will And Your Ministry...........God is meant to direct all the giving within the Church. We are meant to be flexible, ready to give to the poor and the Gospel, and not trapped in a pre-ordained plan of giving.

ARE YOU PARKED IN THE OLD COVENANT?.............Do we fully realize that the rules and defintions of "Sunday church" come from the old covenant? "Pastoral authority, congregation, offering/tithe, house of God/sanctuary" all these are part of sacrificial law of the old testament! And the new covenant specifically tells us not to do these things! This 18 page study is central to understanding this website.
TITHE ---WHAT YOUR PASTOR DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW...............This detailed study summarizes the Biblcal truth about "tithe". Are you still paying "tithe"? Do you realize that tithe (if we used the BIBLE!) is the amount of the sin offering in the old covenant? The new testament says quite clearly that there is no more need for sin offering--since Jesus made the one true offering of His body and blood on the cross. Download this free booklet, pass it around to your friends, stop paying tithe, start using what you have to serve God and spread the Gospel.

Study on Hebrews 7:8...........Do you know the new testament tithe? In this simple verse the Bible tells us that the old covenant tithe of physical goods (money) is replaced by a new tithe.

WHERE DID THE PASTOR COME FROM?...........Most Christians don't study ministry from the Bible, because they believe they are already experts. They've seen how "the church" works, over and over and over again, and a big part of that is "the pastor". The fact is that the pastoral function that we are familiar with is NOT in the Bible. What it most resembles is the old covenant Levtiical priest--something the new covenant does away with!

Study on the Book of Hebrews .........X109D.pdf......The book of Hebrews is very important for all Christians to study, since it tells us many of the changes from the old covenant and the new. Do you realize that this book tells us that we should not operate the church by tithes and offerings, and preistly/pastoral authority? Study the Bible for yourself.


Where's The Gospel?.....Where's The Apostleship?............Something is very missing from the format of Christian church meeting---the Gospel! In the Bible the church functioned in apostleship, meeting together frequently, in small groups, and going out and witnessing the Gospel. This study looks at the history of the church. Did you know that someone, who lived 1700 years ago decided to get rid of the Gospel function in the Christian meeting?

The Most Ignored Teaching of Jesus............Jesus told His followers that they should not exercise authority one over. Have Christians truly realized the meaning of this?

How To Operate The Christian Church.....Without Money..................Simple answer---- Get rid of the old covenant operational principles and start working by the love and fellowship and ministry described in the new covenant. Jesus demonstrated a ministry in which money was not a concern--so, why should it be for us?

How Christian Leaders Are Deceived........This booklet takes a look at the process that leads many good Christians to believe they have authority over others within the church. There is a system of human government in the church, based on old covenant types, which is NOT what Jesus told us to build.

Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven...........Most people seem to read about Jesus' teachings on His Kingdom and believe He is only speaking of Heaven. This is not the case at all. The Kingdom of God is the teaching Jesus gave that reveals how to have God's rulership in the earth--how to BE the Church.

THE GOSPELS OF THE MINISTRY OF JESUS CHRIST......Jesus was sent of the Father, to bring us the Gospel--a Gospel of salvation, healing, deliverance, feeding the poor, and apostleship. These were His "actions"--His purposes--His ministry. This web page is simply the 4 Gospels, color-coded to emphasize the actions of our Lord, to help you study His ministry, and to release you to operate with His same purposes, in your in .pdf format by clicking here





them that are of.........The Way------This is a Christian graphic novel that is very different. It is about the church of the future, a very obedient church, which becomes corrupted by human authority. It is set in the future, but it is the history of the church.



Why People Don't Go To Church Any More.................The largest growing segment of Christianity consists of people who do not attend Sunday church. Why? Are theses people "wicked and evil church hoppers"?  Maybe not. Maybe they are simply reading the Bible and found out that they ARE the here to download 


READ THIS CHART--This chart gives a "visual description" of the concept of the Levitical priesthood within the Christian church. It illustrates many of the old covenant ideas which have been clearly and specifically done away with (please read Hebrews chapter 7-10!) in the new covenant.






"Paul is Knocking at the Door of YOUR Church" Study the book of Acts chapter 9--carefully. In it we see Saul (Paul), the enemy of the church, on his way to Damascus. He meets Jesus--is struck blind--but at the church of Damascus, Paul is healed, baptized in the Holy Spirit--and "straightway preaches the Gospel"!! This booklet, available for free download in .pdf format is meant to challenge every church. ***click here to download it now***

"What if Instead of"........
This free booklet is a challenge to the church. It is a challenge to stop going to church and start BEING the church! The Bible gives us the example of apostleship. Do you have it in your church? Well what if---we lived out the Gospel--instead of just teaching it to ourselves? What if we visited the sick and homeless and fed the poor--instead of building a building which we use for our own purpose? What if ministry was a gift given to every one of us---a function--an anointing--that we all worked in unity together? What if we simply loved God, loved one another, AND loved our neighbor--in equity--as true brothers and sisters in Christ? What if Instead  here to begin......

"A Call For Jonathans"...........This study challenges the believer to realize the true calling we all have, which is to love the world and minister the Gospel. God is looking for us to step out of our traditions, and follow God's will.







An Overview of Christian History........This is a brief overview of many aspects of Christian history--which you may not be aware of. Have you ever studied the history of the church? What you don't know CAN hurt you!













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